Having Your Own Buyers Agent

Becoming a VIP Buyer Gives You Negotiating Power

Let's be honest, buying property in today's market is competitive, and you want every possible advantage. Of course you can find many Lexington MA homes online and attend open houses by yourself. But then what? There is no substitute for having your own Buyers Agent helping YOU track down, analyze, negotiate, and purchase your dream home in or around Lexington MA. This can be a complex matter, even with a "garden variety" real estate transaction!

Due to the commitment of time and resources offered to our VIP Buyers, we give priority to those willing to:

  1. Establish your "Must-Have" Criteria
  2. Arrange for a Complimentary Consultation in person
  3. Get Pre-Approved by our Preferred Lender
  4. Commit to a period of time to work exclusively with us.

Buyer Agency gives you many advantages:

  • Confidentiality. Your Buyers Agent is obligated to maintain confidentiality while promoting your interests in a purchase.
  • Strategy and negotiating expertise, in a market where multiple offers are common. 
  • Advice and Guidance throughout the process. Access to properties and listings outside of Open House times.
  • Fees are paid from the Seller's proceeds at Closing, so almost never costs the buyer out of pocket for professional representation.
  • Puts you on equal footing with Sellers who have their own Agent acting on their behalf.
  • Access to our extensive list of resources and additional professionals you may need during or after your purchase.
  • Confidence that you have every advantage when searching for, making your offer, and Closing on your new home.
Today's market is highly competitive - meet our Buyers Agent today and start "Spring Training" so you're in shape when it's time to buy. 

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